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   Mamiya RB67 (6x7 Format)

   Mamiya C330 (6x6 Format)

   Mamiya 645 (6x4.5 Format)

   Bronica SQ (6x6 Format)

   Bronica ETRS (6x4.5 Format)

   Yashica-Mat (6x6 Format)

.  Lomo Lubitel (6x6 Format)




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We've moved! To accommodate our expanding range of products - we have relocated our site to www.studentphotostore.co.uk


Lomo Lubitel
6x6 Format

Yashica-Mat 124G
6x6 Format

Mamiya C330
6x6 Format


Mamiya 645
6x4.5 Format
Bronica ETRS
6x4.5 Format
Mamiya RB67
6x7 Format




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Studying Photography? We have a great range of New and used photographic equipment ranging from 35mm cameras to medium and largeformat, lenses, darkroom and studio with prices that suits all budgets. 

All of our products meets the educational curriculum standards for GCSE, A Levels and above

Studentphotostore has an impressive range of photographic products to supplement your department, with plenty of promotions to keep you on budget throughout the term.

For more information, or to place an order, contact our team to see how we can help.


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