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Studentphotostore has been supporting and supplying to students across the UK for over 13 years.

We have an impressive range of products to supplement your course, with plenty of promotions to keep you on budget throughout the term

We have sourced the best Photography Equipment ranging from 35mm Cameras to Medium and Large Format. A host of other products such as accessories and consumables are also available to order.

All our products meet the educational curriculum standards for Key-stage, GCSE, A Level and above.

Purchasing Made Easy

Ordering from us is easy, our secure online checkout can accept all Major Debit/Credit Cards,  and PayPal. 


Many students are able to obtain grants in order to pay for their School/College equipment. If this is the case, we are happy to reserve items for you for upto 30 days.

Returns and Warranty

All our items are sold with a 7 days approval warranty. Pre-owned products are sold with a six months warranty against fault (even in a class-room environment!). However, warranties are void if the Camera or Lens were subjected to: Impact, Force or Water Damage -see our returns page for more information

New products are generally sold with a one year warranty. (excluding Batteries)

Is Photography for me?

Listed below is a typical example on what a photography course would entail (A Level Photography). All Colleges are slightly different, therefore we would recommend to contact the College for further information

Art of Photography

Designed as the entry point to photography courses, this course helps you apply art and design principles to photography, use your imagination and learn how to use the technical capabilities of the camera to compose well-structured and satisfying images. Relative newcomers find that they quickly gain confidence and start to use photography creatively. More experienced photographers are offered a structure which helps them to re-examine their approach to photography and to develop their expressive and technical skills. The ideal camera for the course is a 35mm single-lens reflex with either a fixed lens covering wide-angle and telephoto or interchangeable lenses, and which allows you to adjust aperture and focus manually. If you do not have one, it doesnít mean that you canít do the course, but you may find a few of the projects beyond the capabilities of some automatic cameras.

People & Places

One of the key purposes of this course is to stretch your photographic skills in terms of the subject material you choose. Specifically, to broaden the range of your work by tackling subjects that include people. It is suitable for anyone wishing to develop their photographic practice and gain an understanding of particular challenges of portraying human subjects and their environment.

A second key purpose of this course is to start you thinking in terms of photographic assignments; Photographs to order, in other words. There is a considerable difference between photographing at leisure and photographing to deliver a particular result that you have promised in advance.

The assignment ethos in photography involves planning and preparation, thinking in advance about what and how to shoot, with constant reviews of the progress as the shoot continues. The deadline itself establishes a cut-off point, and just by existing neatly circumvents a common creative issue ó when to stop and say that the work is finished.


This course looks at the specialised area of photographing landscapes and deals with the technical control of large subjects. It explains the best way to approach the creation of successful landscape pictures, shows you how to work with variable natural light, how to look at landscapes, and how to pre-visualise your photographs. It also looks at the development of themes and style in landscape photography.

Your Own

This course encourages you to develop a personal visual language as a photographer and help you improve the quality of your practical work. You plan and negotiate the content of your programme with your tutor. It must include a major project on a theme which you choose yourself. 

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